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 Welcome to PTCW!

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The Order
The Order

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PostSubject: Welcome to PTCW!   Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:37 am


It is time for a new beginning.

It is necessary to rebuild and adapt.

In chaos, there are no rules. There are no limits. There are no boundaries.

There are only CHAMPIONS!

A camera that was once blacked out with a voice over now finds itself with an aerial view. Below it is a round table with 4 gentlemen draped in black cloaks. As they continue their incoherent mumbling, there is another shot of a wrassling ring.

The ring mat has been worn and torn. The turnbuckles have stuffed padding falling out of it at all angles. The ropes? What's left of them are covered in duct tape. The frame itself is dilapidated to the point that the next superplex may force it to crumble.

In this beaten up makeshift squared circle is another man cloaked in black. With an empty building such as this one, his voice will be heard all throughout. His message will be sent.

Welcome. To the NEW order..


Fade to black.
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Welcome to PTCW!
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