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 Inside The PTCW Headquarters

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PostSubject: Inside The PTCW Headquarters   Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:30 am

We have managed to purchase a warehouse and a bunch of old ring equipment! Now there isn't much to it.. and we don't have a staff selected just yet, but we're gonna rise up from the bottom!

We have nothing but empty space and a wrassling ring since the original contractor never finished his job and stole the funds from the original owner. This means what you see when you walk through the HQ doors of Prime Time Championship Wrestling, is just a rusty old ring. The black turnbuckle pads are worn out, the white ropes are frayed and wrapped in duct tape, the mat (khaki in color at this point) is dirty and stained with sweat and blood, and the framing all together could use a few welds to patch it up.

Windows are busted out with glass scattered among the outskirts of the building, so watch where you're stepping and try to avoid getting defecated on by a bird! Use your imagination with the possibilities, and just remember that agreement we came to about not suing us when you signed your contract! *wink*

Only the true hardcore underground wrestling fans are going to be attending events held from PTCW's Headquarters, so make sure you impress them and make them wanna come back for more! Remember, more money = more spending = better product for the fans. (You can find out more about the "product" by going to the "FanBase System" in the PTCW HQ section. The fans are the only way PTCW came to exist and will continue to stay afloat.)
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Inside The PTCW Headquarters
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