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PostSubject: WRASSLE [DOT] NETWORK   Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:19 am

Welcome to the Wrassle[dot]Network! In this area you will be able to view the additions we have for your wrassler in order to get more over with the fans and draw a bigger pay check! What you need to know first is the FanBase System, which is available to review in the PTCW HQ section of the forum. Once you have that figured out, it will be time to continue with WDN!

Our unit of currency in this universe is called WrassleBucks, or (wb) for short. It's value can make or break Prime Time Championship Wrassling, so it's up to YOU to stay active, get good Ratings, develop a FanBase for yourself, and keep money coming in! Without further ado..

WRASSLE[DOT]NETWORK's Current Available Market

  • Boots: $120wb (+10 fans per show)
  • New Tights: $240wb (+15 fans per show)
  • New T-Shirt Merchandising: $400 {monthly} (+20 fans, +$800 monthly return pending activity)
  • In-House Entrance Music: $700 {monthly} (+40 fans)
  • Well-Known Entrance Music: $1,500 {monthly} (+100 fans)
  • Entrance Vehicle Rental: $700 {weekly} (+60 fans)
  • Autograph Signing Event: $1,000 (+50 fans per show)
  • Entrance Pyro: $600 {weekly} (+60 fans)

..More to come..
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