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 FanBase System

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The Order
The Order

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PostSubject: FanBase System   Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:57 am


FanBase System (FBS)
PRIME TIME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING current available balance: $25,000

This is what it's all about! We get paid based off of how much ACTIVITY there is within the PTCW. The activity draws the fans to our contracted wrasslers, and therefore boosts our image as a whole! Let's get in to a little more detail shall we?

RATINGS SYSTEM (Out-Of-Character)

  • Each post made by each wrassler will be graded on it's quality on the scale of 0-3 (ZERO to THREE) with 3 (THREE) being the best.
  • There will be a weekly count and grading on posts, which we will call RATINGS. The results of these grades (generally averaged to a scale of 0.00 - 10.00+) will be published every {THURSDAY?} by your brand's sheriff.
  • Ratings will effect each wrassler's segment on the weekly show (GUTS & GLORY and PURE COMBAT brands), and determine their position on the ladder (how close the wrassler is to a title shot). Listed below is how every post effects not only the wrassler, but PTCW as a whole.

    • 0 Posts: Move down 2 spots on ladder, -50 fans
    • 1 - 2 Posts = Rank remains same on ladder, +50 fans
    • 3 - 5 Posts = Rank moves up by 1 on ladder, +75 fans
    • 6 - 8 Posts = Rank moves up by 2 on ladder, +100 fans
    • 9 Posts = Rank moves up by 3 on ladder, +125 fans
      10+ Posts = Immediate title shot, +200 fans
  • 1 fan represents a $50 ticket to our show. (For example, if a wrassler does 2 posts within one {weekly} Ratings cycle, that would equal up to +50 fans. 50 fans x $50wb = $2,500wb)
  • The wrassler will receive a percentage from each show, which will be decided when a contract is signed with any brand under the PRIME TIME CHAMPIONSHIP WRASSLING banner. (Default = 5%)

Next Available PTCW Upgrades

  • New Ring Frame: $1,200wb (+50 fans per show)
  • New Set of Ropes: $700wb (+50 fans per show)
  • New Turnbuckle Pads: $400wb (+50 fans per show)
  • PTCW L.E.D. Billboard: $2,300wb (+125 fans per show)
  • PTCW Travel Bus: $26,000 (+300 fans per show)
  • Fan Barricades: $400wb/event
  • Very Small Venue Rental: $5,000 (+200 fans per show)
  • Small Venue Rental: $10,000wb (+500 fans per show)
  • Medium Venue Rental: $20,000wb (+6,000 fans per show)
  • Large: $35,000wb (+9,000 fans per show)
  • Very Large Venue Rental: $50,000wb (+18,000 fans per show)
  • "Very Small" Size Warehouse: $64,000wb (+200 fans)
  • "Small" Size Warehouse: $82,000wb (+500 fans)
  • "Medium" Size Warehouse: $142,000wb (+6,000 fans)
  • "Large" Size Warehouse: $600,000wb (+9,500 fans)
  • "Very Large" Size Warehouse: $1,000,000wb (+19,000 fans)

..More to come..

More information about wb (WrassleBucks), how to get them, and how to spend them to improve your wrassler can be found on the WRASSLE[DOT]NETWORK section in the FTCW HQ! If there are any questions regarding this system, or if you have any input on things that could change, improve, or be added, please do not hesitate to contact The Order! We are available via PM (private message) as well as email at
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FanBase System
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